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Looking for private college admissions counseling? H&C Education is a premier college admissions consultancy focused on helping your student stand out in the college application process. Our insights on education and leadership have been featured by Forbes, U.S. News, CNN, The Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, ABC News, NBC News and elsewhere.

College Admissions CONSULTING

Choosing to work with a college admissions consultant can be one of the best decisions you can make for your child’s future. The college admissions process is getting increasingly competitive and can be very challenging to navigate. At H&C Education, we help our students highlight their strengths, develop new leadership skills, and showcase their passions in order to succeed. When you choose to work with one of our expert college admissions consultants, you’re choosing to work with a dedicated team of professionals whose goal is to help your student shine in the selective undergraduate and transfer admissions process.

Wherever you and your student are in the process, the experts at H&C Education can support you. We offer programs for students starting as young as the 8th grade, all the way to those entering their senior year of high school. Our college consultants will work with you to craft a tailored program for your student to realize their dreams. College counseling can assist students in more areas than simply selecting which college they will attend; it can help shape a career, setting students on a path that continues long after their college acceptances.

H&C Education offers a variety of different college consulting services to help each student achieve their goals. Our High School Roadmap program is designed for students from the 8th grade through junior year of high school and begins preparing students for the college application process as soon as they start working with one of our consultants. Students that are a part of our roadmap program will develop a clear timeline with specific milestones.

Our College Application program is structured to advise students who are preparing for or are already in the process of applying to colleges within the upcoming year. We help the student with everything from school identification and selection, essay ideation and editing, waitlist and deferral strategy, and everything in between.

High School Roadmaps and Long-Term College Counseling Services

Our twelve-month package for seventh through eleventh grade students focuses on:
Entrepreneurship and leadership coaching
Assistance in identifying and applying for contests, awards, and grant
Extracurricular selection and development
High school course selection guidance
Private consultation via video chat, phone call, or in-person meeting (location permitting) with our consultants
Priority access to us via text messages and emails for general question
Finding and applying for summer activities (programs, internships, jobs)
Standardized testing timeline and planning (tutoring also available)
Athletic coaching and recruiting services

The College Admissions Process

The college admissions process is a student’s opportunity to highlight their accomplishments, extracurriculars, and interests over their four years of high school, both inside and outside the classroom. It’s essential to begin preparing for the process as early as possible. Competition for admittance to an Ivy League university is fierce, with top-ranked schools admitting less than 4% of applicants. Beginning the college prep process as early as the seventh grade provides your student the opportunity to build a stellar profile of accomplishments over their entire high school career.

Individuals who enroll in our High School Roadmap program have access to our counseling services year-round and receive priority guidance and support for all aspects of the college application process. College admission offices look to enroll students with varying experiences and diverse backgrounds. Our expert college counselors at H&C Education work with each roadmap student to identify their academic and extracurricular interests early on in the process and then develop and refine them over the years leading up to applying for college. Another key area of focus in the Roadmap program is entrepreneurial coaching and leadership development with the creation of a capstone project that allows students to put their passions into practice. Helping students cultivate these skills early on gives them the tools to pursue passions that extend past the classroom. We formulate schedules to keep students on track and advise on overall course selection, standardized testing, summer activities and internships, and applications for grants and awards.

There is a common misconception that you must fit a specific mold or be well-rounded to gain admittance to a top university. Rather, the top universities want to admit individuals who have put significant effort into and are highly accomplished in specific fields. During freshman and sophomore year of high school, we work with students in our Roadmap program to find leadership opportunities, summer programs, and different contests or awards to showcase their talents or create their own projects. As junior year approaches, our counselors will help the student navigate the ACT, SAT, and/or PSAT. Senior students in our roadmap program will work with their college counselor to identify the schools they intend to apply to and then work through all aspects of the application process, such as the personal statement, supplemental essays, and interview prep. We’re here to help you with whatever your student may need.

Athletic Recruiting

For student-athletes who want to play the sport they love at the next level, our specialists will work with student-athletes to establish a timeline for managing deadlines, communication with coaches, and devising strategies to maximize recruiting exposure and increase the chances of finding the right fit to continue their athletic pursuits.

College Planning Timeline


Freshman Year

• Focus on reading, writing, and critical analysis — this will help you develop verbal skills, which will help with high school classes, standardized testing, and beyond.

• Take challenging courses to ensure you have necessary prerequisites for Junior and Senior level courses you may be interested in.

• Start working on a capstone project by identifying a passion, developing a plan, and making it a reality.


Sophomore Year

• Continue to improve academic skills.

• Continue to develop the capstone project, reach out to journalists to publicize the project, look for businesses and organizations to partner with, and apply to contests.

• Identify opportunities for new experiences, such as a position with a local business or a leadership role in an organization.


Junior Year

• SAT and ACT prep and planning.

• Enroll in the most challenging classes available and based on intellectual interest.

• Focus on growing your capstone and on creating a real, quantifiable impact that will easily be recognized by college admissions officers.


Senior Year

• Create a balanced list of schools and start working on your college essay and supplementals. If there is a clear first-choice school, apply to Early Decision, Single Choice Early Action, and, to a lesser extent, Early Action programs.

• Stay focused: grades still matter! Colleges will eventually see students’ senior grades, even for the spring term.

• Continue work on the capstone project and showcase it on the college application.

Senior and Short-Term College Counseling Services

Our Senior and Short-Term counseling package focus on:
School selection process
Personal statement and school-specific supplemental essay guidance
Overall application review
Tracking of all application deadlines for Early Decision, Single Choice Early Action, and Early Action decisions
Assistance with a waitlist and deferral strategy
Interview preparation

If you’re worried about the college application process for your senior, you are not alone. Completing the college application is a complex task. It requires extensive time, energy, and attention to detail in order to improve the chances of being admitted to a top university.

The proven H&C Education approach is to work with each student to develop an individually tailored program that guides families through the application process. We work with seniors to paint a comprehensive picture of themselves and the work they’ve done for the past three years on each part of the application. If a student isn’t sure what college they want to attend or the program they’d like to apply to, we will review the courses they’ve taken and the activities they were involved in to identify the schools that would be the best fit. We also help them tackle the college essay by brainstorming different topics for their personal statement and working with them to plan and draft their school-specific supplemental essays.

The College Essay

The college essay is one of the most daunting aspects of the college application. How do you best describe who you are and what you’ve accomplished in only 650 words? Often the most challenging part is just getting started. Our college essay consultants work with students to outline a topic that will highlight their unique characteristics and tell a compelling story that will stand out to an admissions office.

The Waitlist and Deferral

After we help a student submit their college applications, we will begin receiving decisions. In some scenarios, a student may be added to a waitlist or receive notice of a deferral. While this isn’t what we had hoped for, there are still strategies that we can implement to improve the chances of being admitted to the student’s school of choice:
We can assist in reviewing all options and weighing any time-sensitive acceptance offers that may have also been received.
If allowed per the school’s waitlist guidelines, we then offer guidance on how to write a letter of continued interest and update admissions officer with any recent achievements. This is a delicate process, but it can be instrumental in a student’s eventual admissions decision if done correctly.
We help request another or a first interview if allowed by the school.

Why H&C Admission ConsultinG

We invest in each and every one of our students and make sure that they develop the skills and knowledge that they need to succeed. Our college counselors have helped students worldwide gain admission to the schools that best fit their interests by creating tailored programs that align with students’ individual goals and interests. Our team has both teaching and research experience at some of the nation’s top colleges, and some of our college consultants have experience working in Ivy League admissions offices. We use this valuable experience to help students craft applications that stand out from the crowd. Our success speaks for itself: in 2020, 100% of our Roadmap students and 96% of our college application students were accepted to one or more of their three top-choice schools.

Our goal is to help every student make a mark in whatever way they feel is most meaningful and impactful. We support our students throughout the challenges of the high school experience and the college application process, and we’ll help them do it with confidence in their own abilities. Choosing to work with the counselors of H&C Education is an investment in you and your student’s future.


At H&C Education, we know that excellent grades and test scores aren’t enough when it comes to applying to selective colleges. This is why we’ve developed a unique method and curriculum to help students identify their talents and passions, and harness their entrepreneurial spirit to take on ambitious and impactful projects outside the classroom—projects that make a real difference in the college admissions process.

We have hands-on experience in setting up impactful organizations, editing, storytelling, and educating. We don’t just know a good applicant when we see one—we can help your student become one.

We help students think like entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is not limited to founding and managing businesses and taking financial risks. Rather, to be an entrepreneur is to identify problems and solve them, to see what’s lacking in the world around us, and fill those gaps in innovative ways. Whether they are interested in art or astrophysics, we help them identify opportunities to harness their passions, pursue impactful projects, and gain recognition.
We work with our students one-on-one via video conference. Whether they are in the 8th grade or the 12th, we help our students develop a clear timeline with specific assignments and milestones. By working directly with students, we take the pressure off parents but keep them updated on important assignments and approaching deadlines via email after every meeting.
H&C Education has offices in Los Angeles, Boston, and Singapore. Our counselors work with clients across the world. All our services are provided via video conferencing so we can schedule sessions in any time zone and on any day of the week.
We offer academic and test preparation services via Zoom. From calculus and chemistry to French and writing, and from the SAT to the GRE, our tutors are experts in various subjects and tests. We can support students at any level or location.
We offer a broad range of services and pricing options. We strive to customize a package to fit your specific needs and budget and offer flexible payment options. H&C Education also provides pro bono college admissions consulting services to motivated high school students. We encourage all students—not just high achievers—who are looking for admissions guidance to consider our program.