Our Comprehensive Approach

We’ve got a lot to offer, just like you. We’ll guide you through the most meaningful aspects of your high school career and the college admissions process, and we’ll help you do it with mindfulness, focus, and grace.

Academic Excellence

We’ll help you choose and navigate a course load that’s in line with your goals and interests. Your passion is the guiding thread of your entire high school career, and we’ll make sure your academic involvement and achievements highlight and reinforce your unique direction.

Leadership Mentoring

Our work is to help you find your work in this world, not just add a line to your resume. We help our students follow their passions to exceptional places, through creating impactful nonprofits and for-profits, writing public policy, and pursuing activism and entrepreneurship in the ways that are most meaningful to them.

College Admission

We provide guidance on all aspects of the college application process, from school selection, to college essay and supplemental essay guidance, to drafting the activities list and preparing for interviews.

Athletic Recruiting

We help student-athletes identify programs that best suit their academic and athletic needs, and navigate the complex recruitment process.​

Think Like An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not limited to founding and managing businesses and taking financial risks. Rather, to be an entrepreneur is to identify problems and solve them, to see what’s lacking in the world around us, and fill those gaps in innovative ways. We help students become entrepreneurs. Whether they are interested in art or astrophysics, we help them identify opportunities to harness their passions, pursue impactful projects, and gain recognition.

Craft Your Story

When it comes to college admissions, an application is only as strong as the tale it tells. A good story has a compelling protagonist and a cohesive narrative of daring exploits, of challenges and successes. We assist students in writing their stories throughout high school, guiding them in their choice of coursework and extracurricular projects.

Focusing Passion

Competitive colleges are looking for more than great grades and test scores. And they’re looking for more than a long list of extracurriculars—or rather, they’re looking for something different. To stand out in the applicant pool, students today must show not only clear evidence of sustained and focused leadership, but the passion that drives their hard work and impressive accomplishments. Our job is to assist students in identifying that passion, and in taking it far.

We help students surpass themselves, and we help them love the college admissions process.