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Pierre Huguet of H&C Education: I Am Living Proof Of The American Dream

April 25, 2021

"My own path informed the approach I designed at H&C: we provide each of our clients a unique roadmap for success in high school and beyond and help our students harness their entrepreneurial spirit, develop coherent academic and extracurricular profiles in line with their passions."

Read more about the experience and vision of H&C Education CEO and founder, Pierre Huguet, in a new interview with Authority Magazine.


Top Undergrad Majors at the Best Medical Schools

June 04, 2021

Pierre Huguet, CEO and co-founder of the H&C Education consulting firm, encourages premeds to explore their nonmedical academic interests and discover connections between those interests and the medical profession.

"The possibilities are endless, and they range from sociology and anthropology, to art and the humanities, and even to sports and video games," Huguet wrote in an email, adding that med school hopefuls with a nonmedical "passion" can distinguish themselves. "Most applicants tend to look the same, so finding some unconventional interests is always a great way to stand out in the admissions process."

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What to do if you didn't get into medical school

April 22, 2021

The most important thing to remember is that you want to substantially improve your application before reapplying. "Resubmitting the same application will, most probably, lead to another rejection," Pierre Huguet, CEO and co-founder of H&C Education says. 

What the GRE Test Is and How to Prepare

April 1, 2021

Pierre Huguet, CEO and co-founder of H&C Education admissions consulting firm, advises at-home test-takers to go through the ETS equipment and environment checklist to ensure that they are set up to take the GRE at home. "Students should read the fine print and make sure they have the right equipment before registering for the at-home exam," Huguet wrote in an email.


SAT and ACT scores may be optional in college applications this year, but many top schools still rely on them

March 26, 2021

Pierre Huguet, CEO and co-founder of H&C Education, a Boston-based educational consulting firm, told me that “admissions officers relied pretty heavily on the SAT or ACT to evaluate the academic profile of a student. They were already looking at the academic results, the extracurricular profile, the letters of recommendation, but now they have to find ways to quantify some of these soft skills, and mostly the extracurricular profiles. So, it takes a lot of time. Now on top of that, they received lots of applications.”

College majors with the highest and lowest unemployment rates

October 21, 2020

Pierre Huguet, CEO of admissions consulting firm H&C Education, described political science as “one of the most versatile degrees in terms of job opportunities.” This is because political science majors cultivate analytical and rhetorical skills that can translate to essentially any industry. However, students of this discipline tend to work in political and legal environments, and often find jobs as diplomats, lobbyists, political consultants, and lawyers.


It’s Not Too Late To Have Meaningful Gap Year

October 9, 2020

Pierre Huguet of H&C Education, an educational consultancy, says now is a great time for students to help their communities, join activist groups, or create their own groups, all while building their resumes with meaningful experiences.


What Happens If Your College Campus Closes Again This Fall?

September 1, 2020

If you are worried about college campus closings and having to make last minute accommodations, you shouldn’t wait and see what happens. According to Pierre Huguet of H&C Education Consulting, a college consultancy firm, the absolute best step you can take is to start planning now. 


“Do not wait until school officials announce they’re closing dorms or won’t be delivering food to your dorm,” he says. Students and families should come up with a concrete plan that would fit their finances and be logistically realistic in the event of a last-minute closure. This includes lining up access to food and lodging so they can adapt to online learning as smoothly as possible if campuses and dorms close.


Grad School During a Recession: Is It Worth It?

July 14, 2020

"Students who are passionate about research and want to go to graduate school should be aware that it will be very complicated for students with non-professional degrees to find research or tenure-track positions in the next two years, at the very least," said Pierre Huguet, CEO of educational consulting agency H&C Education.

But a professional degree like a JD, MD or MBA will still make you more marketable, recession or not.


"While a professional degree isn't a magic formula when it comes to finding employment, it can certainly help students, provided that they've spent enough time building their resumes by pursuing impactful activities during their education," Huguet said.

What the GRE Test Is and How to Prepare

August 6, 2020

Ian Curtis, co-founder and former director of academic development at H&C Education admissions consulting firm, notes that grad program admissions officers often care more about GRE section scores than overall GRE scores.

"Ph.D. programs are generally interested in highly specialized applicants, so a low math score, for example, won't necessarily hurt your chances of acceptance to great humanities and social sciences programs," Curtis wrote in an email. "I recently worked with a student who was accepted to a top history Ph.D. program with a math score in the 40th percentile. He had numerous publications and extensive teaching experience, the benefits of which far outweighed his poor performance in math."


What Is Graduate School and Should You Apply?

February 15, 2019

"Graduate school can mean many things," wrote Pierre Huguet, who is [...] the CEO and co-founder of the H&C Education admissions consulting firm. "There's a big difference between starting an M.S. or M.A. program, going to law or business school and embarking on the five- to seven-year journey that is a Ph.D."

Dilemma behind opting for Ivy League schools in COVID-19 times

July 7, 2020

In an interview with Forbes, Pierre Huguet, CEO of H&C Education, said that online education is often far from the experience students hoped for and paid for, and this is true no matter how hard schools try to alter their programs. With that in mind, he expects some schools to adjust their pricing for the coming school year.


How to get a student loan for community college

June 26, 2020

As Pierre Huguet, CEO and co-founder at H&C Education, an educational consulting agency in the New York City area, puts it: “Distance learning is definitely not the ultimate college experience. Many of my students keep telling me, ‘This isn't what I signed up for!’ and they’re right. Remote learning just isn't as exciting or fulfilling as a campus experience that allows students to interact with peers and faculty.”

He also says, since the process behind remote learning is largely the same, no matter which institution you choose to attend, many of the families  he works with are balking at the idea of paying full tuition.