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Is It Time To Ignore College Rankings? Experts Weigh In

September 27, 2021

Pierre Huguet of H&C Education agrees that choosing a college should be about more than the brand name. Students need to make sure they'll be happy on a campus that meets their extracurricular, academic, and personal needs, he says.For example, a student who lives for hiking, canoeing, fishing and other outdoor activities may not be happy at a college in an urban setting no matter how high the rankings are."On the other hand, if you’re all about visiting museums and writing a food blog, a school in New York or Chicago may be the right fit for you," says Huguet."


‘Excited’ and ‘Ecstatic,’ Students Return to Full Capacity Campus

September 1, 2021

"Even though I moved in on the day that Hurricane Henri was supposed to be in Boston, the process was very easy,” Ahmad Alsheikh ’24 said. Many undergraduates said they were looking forward to returning to normal school activities, such as attending sporting events and in-person classes."