College Application Guidance

Applying to college involves many important decisions—where should you apply? What should you write about? How should you present your accomplishments and unique personality throughout your college application? These are tough questions, and we’re here to help you answer them. We share valuable insights with our clients. You can find some of them in news sources like CNN, Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, and Reader’s Digest. Applying to college doesn’t need to be stressful. Let’s talk about how we can help your family.

School Selection

Identify and select schools that fit your personality and interests.

Application Strategy

Navigate the college application process with grace.

College Essays

From brainstorming to crafting an outstanding personal essay.

Track All Deadlines​

Outline a strategic long-term action plan to make sure you’re on track.

Post-Acceptance Guidance

Take on any post-application issues, such as the waitlist purgatory.

Interview Prep

Prepare for college interviews and other public speaking opportunities.

Letters of Recommendations​

Strategies for obtaining stellar letters of recommendations from teachers and guidance counselors.

How We Work on Applications

Our team of college application consultants assists with all aspects of the college admissions process, from school selection, to essay writing, to the activities list, and to interview prep. We help seniors present themselves in their very best light on every part of the application. We assist them in creating a college list that best fits their academic and extracurricular interests, guide them through brainstorming, planning, and drafting their essays, and navigate other important aspects of the college application process.

H&C Education Application Services

Colleges use a holistic approach when reviewing applicants and look at all four years of high school, so it’s important to prepare for the college admissions process as early as possible. As students approach junior year, the most critical college prep year, they will work with their H&C Education counselor to develop a testing timeline, continue to focus on performing well in the classroom, and work on their extracurricular activities, develop a college application strategy, finalize their balanced college list, and begin to brainstorm a compelling college essay. Leading up to and during senior year, students will finalize their college list and all application elements including the personal statement and all school-specific supplements in order to complete their applications well ahead of deadlines.
H&C Education offers comprehensive, individually tailored programs to help guide your family throughout the entire process. Our methodology ensures that our students get into their best-fit colleges. In any H&C Education program, your college applications counselor will work with your student to:
– Develop a balanced college list, including safety, target and reach schools based student’s profile, parents’ and students’ expectations, acceptance rate statistics, and profile of accepted students from the previous years


– Strategize for obtaining stellar letters of recommendations from teachers and guidance counselors.

– Create an optimal college application strategy, including whether or no to take advantage of early admission rounds, and finding the best approach to draft a memorable narrative.

– Prepare for visits and interviews



– Craft a compelling and unique college essay, and respond to the school-specific supplements.

– Take on any post-application issues, such as the waitlist purgatory.

– Weigh your admission offers before making a decision about where to enroll for the fall.


The College Essay

The college essay is the hardest part of applying to college. It can also be the most stimulating and rewarding task you have before you. Joyce Carol Oats, who knew a thing or two about great writing, once praised the personal essay genre for its “directness and intimacy,” and for “its first-person authority.” At H&C Education, our job is to help you find your own voice—to tell your story with both intimacy and authority.


In considering applicants, colleges use a holistic approach and look at all four years of high school—so it’s crucial to start the college preparation process as early as possible. We recommend initiating the application process in the early summer leading into the student’s senior year. This allows adequate time to complete the process.

Applying to college requires hours of research, strategizing, and writing. Most of the students we work with finalize their college lists and all application elements, including personal statements and school-specific supplements, well ahead of deadlines.

Families should also remember that applying during early admissions rounds can significantly increase students’ chances of admission. It’s best to start the application as early as possible to be ready for the early application deadlines in November.

Getting into colleges requires more than good grades and test scores. Our admissions experts will show your family how to maximize the odds of acceptance to your student’s best-fit colleges. From crafting a compelling personal statement, to listing and quantifying each activity on a resume, to choosing the right major, our admissions experts will guide you through this exciting but sometimes daunting process.

Most rising seniors need help scaling up their extracurricular activities or improving their standardized test scores. We can provide leadership coaching or tutoring services to ensure that your student is presented in the best light possible, and address any academic or extracurricular weaknesses.

In 2020, 100% of our Roadmap students and 96% of our application students (clients who came to us in the summer leading to senior year) gained admission into one or more of their three top-choice schools.
We offer a broad range of services and pricing options. We strive to customize a package to fit your specific needs and budget and offer flexible payment options. H&C Education also provides pro bono services to motivated high school students. We encourage all students—not just high achievers—who are looking for admissions guidance to consider our program.