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H&C Partnerships

H&C Education offers its expertise in college admissions consulting through partnership opportunities and customized events for schools, organizations, and businesses. Contact us to see how H&C Education can craft the best partnership to fit your needs and those of the families you serve.

Professional Development

H&C Education provides professional development training to help high school counselors and staff who support students throughout the college application process. Our team of seasoned college consultants and former Ivy League admissions officers have up-to-date information on all aspects of US and Canadian college admissions processes. Our workshops are based on H&C Education’s proprietary curriculum and include the college advising process, choosing extracurriculars, finding and maximizing internship experiences, building college lists, essay writing, and more. Our staff and admissions experts equip high school counselors with the best tools for student success throughout the college application process and beyond. Training and coaching can include multi-day sessions or one-time seminars, either in-person or virtually, and can cover a broad range of topics.

Customized Events and Seminars

Our interactive webinars and in-person workshops feature former college admissions officers and other college admissions experts who provide students and their families with opportunities to have their questions answered, increasing their comfort with the various steps in applying to college. We go far beyond the basics, providing in-depth explanations of how to gain a competitive edge and stand out from the applicant pool. Furthermore, our admissions consultants focus on strategies for students to minimize stress and maximize flexibility.
Our 60-90 minute interactive events cover various aspects of success in high school and preparation for college. Our most in-demand presentations include:

Four-Year Road Map for Getting In.

This seminar shows first-year students how to create a road map for their academics, extracurricular activities, and personal development throughout high school, emphasizing the importance of balance and developing the habits of successful students.

How International Students Can Stand Out in the US Admissions Process.

This seminar pays special attention to the unique challenges of international college applications: taking English proficiency exams; applying for financial aid; learning about the holistic US college admissions process; preparing for interviews; and, ultimately, crafting effective applications. Our staff of former admissions officers will show you how international applications are read, and strategies for distinguishing yourself in the competitive US college admissions process.
Other seminars cover everything from compiling the college list and choosing extracurricular activities to preparing the Common Application and writing college application essays. Alternatively, we can design an interactive presentation specific to the needs of your organization’s families—this can include anything regarding applying for college and ensuring a successful high school career.

Student Services

H&C Education’s college admissions consultants can provide comprehensive or supplemental admissions counseling to your students and their families, assisting with any aspect of students’ high school careers. We ensure that students identify their deepest academic and extracurricular interests early so these can be developed in impressive ways. We provide entrepreneurial and leadership coaching to help students achieve their goals and make a difference beyond the classroom. We design testing schedules to make sure students stay on track and advise on high school course selection, summer activities, and internships as well as helping with writing tasks such as grant and award applications. For students in the second semester of their junior year, we begin the college application process by researching colleges and creating a school list. We continue to guide students through the development of a college application strategy, writing and editing essays, interviewing, deciding where to go, and applying for financial aid.

Employee Benefits

Parents spend countless hours stressing over their children’s high school success and college applications. We help families navigate these challenging processes with experienced one-on-one guidance from former Ivy League admissions officers and other experienced college admissions consultants. This saves families time and prevents needless stress.

H&C Education offers exclusive direct-to-family guidance and a discount on our services as an employment or membership benefit. We also offer customizable group seminars covering various admissions topics from leadership development and extracurriculars to college application essay writing.