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IB vs. AP: Choosing the Right Program

If you’re a high schooler, especially one already in advanced or honors courses, you’ve probably heard a lot about the IB and AP programs. But what makes them different, and which one best suits your strengths and weaknesses as a student?

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Last-Minute College Application Checklist

The January 1st deadline is fast approaching! Use this checklist as you finalize your applications or let college consultants help. This first group of questions is meant to help you assess how well you have described yourself as an applicant that is both a fit and a match for the

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What to Do After Receiving Your Early College Admissions Decision

Over the past few weeks, students across the world have finally heard back from their top-choice schools after applying through Early Action or Early Decision programs. There are three possible outcomes when applying EA or ED: accepted, deferred, and denied. Whatever the outcome of your EA or ED application may

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