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Academic Tutoring & Test Prep

H&C Education’s tutors support students academically. Our tutors provide comprehensive test prep services to help students perform in the classroom and prepare for college and grad school. From calculus and chemistry to French and writing, and from the SAT to the GRE, our tutors are experts in various subjects and tests. We can support students at any level or location.

A.P. & I.B. Classes

English Language and English Literature, Calculus AB and B.C., Psychology, French, World History, European History, U.S. History, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology.

High school courses:

All levels of English literature, All levels of creative writing, Calculus, Statistics, Algebra, Trigonometry (all math), French, Honors/standard STEM (Chemistry, Bio, Physics).

Homework Help & Study Skills

To help students stay on track academically, we ease the stress of homework, assignments, and deadlines. Teaching study skills and time management is the first step toward a healthier relationship with academic work. Our tutors have extensive experience helping gifted students and those diagnosed with learning disabilities.

Enrichment Curriculum

Our tutors are experts in their fields and passionate about teaching what they’ve learned. We offer enrichment for students looking to pursue interests that schools do not cover. Topics include computer science, screenwriting, theatre, writing, blogging, and engineering. If you’d like to learn another subject that’s not explicitly listed here, just ask!

Academic Tutoring

H&C Education provides tutoring in a variety of subjects and for every level of instruction. Our tutors can help your student identify needed skills and can create a tailored plan for a strong academic foundation.

Test Preparation (SAT, ACT, GRE)

In the ever-changing landscape of college admissions, standardized test scores are still among the most reliable indicators that admissions officers use to evaluate academic capabilities. Public universities and middle-tier institutions often use standardized tests to justify admission, with high scores indicating high academic potential. Many top-tier institutions see a high score as a simple requirement and commonly use them as a checkbox. Whether or not tests are optional where you’re applying, demonstrating your ability to excel on exams is never a bad idea. If you’re looking at top schools, you’ll need high scores and more to stand out.

Tailored Plans

Tailored Plans H&C Education will work with your family to create a customized test prep plan. We teach test-taking strategies and targeted content that help students achieve their goals. Our tutors are skilled in one-on-one online tutoring and have taught students across the world.
For college and graduate school admissions, our tutors and college consultants provide prep services for the following tests:
– SAT – PSAT – GRE – SAT – Subject Tests
– ACT – TOEFL – AP Exams