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H&C is a leading education consultancy founded by Ivy League Ph.D. students.  We provide each of our clients with a unique roadmap for success in high school and beyond.  These individualized programs are designed to help students harness their entrepreneurial spirit, develop coherent academic and extracurricular profiles in line with their passions, and stand out on their college applications.


accepted to one of their top three best-fit schools.*


years of combined experience.


of our consultants are from top-10 universities.

Our Difference

At H&C, we know that great grades and test scores aren’t enough when it comes to applying to highly selective colleges.  This is why we’ve developed a unique method to help students identify their talents and passions, and harness their entrepreneurial spirit to take on ambitious and impactful projects outside the classroom—projects that make a real difference in the college admissions process.


We have hands-on experience in setting up impactful organizations, in editing, in storytelling, and in educating.  We don’t just know a good applicant when we see one; we can help you become one.

We’ll help you build a strong CV in the years preceding your applications to Master's and Ph.D. programs, or provide guidance in writing your statements of purpose and supplemental essays.  We’ll help you put together a comprehensive list of schools, prepare for faculty interviews and campus visits, and reach out to faculty early on to make sure you’ve got someone on your side at your favorite graduate programs.

Find a college that's right for you.

As Ivy League students and graduates, we are intimately familiar with what it takes to gain admission to even the nation’s most selective institutions of higher education, and we are eager to share our knowledge with you.  We know what really counts on your application.  Our mission is to help you identify and cultivate your passions thoughtfully and mindfully so that you can transform them into something truly exceptional.  You have the potential.  We’re here to ensure that you make it happen.


“H&C’s commitment and diligence to making sure that their students get accepted into their dream schools is exceptional. I credit Ian’s approach to building the most compelling and concise personal narrative and Pierre’s focus on creating the most persuasive resume with my acceptance to my dream school. I was able to become the first student from my school to get into an Ivy League school since 1992. Ian’s and  Pierre’s combined efforts offer a unique perspective into the admissions process that ensures their students have the best chance of getting accepted.” 

- Harvard student, class of 2024.


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*Results are based on students whom H&C Education worked with in a comprehensive fashion before and during the formation of H&C Education. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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