Testimonials About H&C Education

We’ve got a lot to offer, just like you. We’ll guide you through the most meaningful aspects of your high school career and the college application process, and we’ll help you do it with mindfulness, focus, and grace.

Here’s what our families and students have to say:

“We worked with H&C’s Master Counselor to assist our son navigate a transfer during COVID which proved to be the most competitive time in the history of higher education. He received incredible support and H&C helped tailor his very specific and changing interests in foreign language and culture to make a compelling case. He also received very unique and first hand insights about different institutions and he was successful gaining entry into a top tier college of his choosing. We are very grateful for everything H&C did for us. You fill an important niche in educational consulting.”
Parents of a student accepted to Colby
“H&C’s commitment and diligence to making sure that their students get accepted into their dream schools is exceptional. I credit my Master Counselors’ approach to building the most compelling and concise personal narrative and Pierre’s focus on creating the most persuasive resume with my acceptance to my dream school. I was able to become the first student from my school to get into an Ivy League school since 1992. Pierre and his team’s combined efforts offer a unique perspective into the admissions process that ensures their students have the best chance of getting accepted.”

Harvard student

“I worked with H&C this past year to strategize and refine my college essays. I will be attending Princeton in the fall, and I am greatly appreciative of my consultant’s invaluable advice throughout the application process which allowed me to present my best self to admissions officers. He has an incredibly deep understanding of the key components of standout college essays and the rare ability to immediately identify how to best apply them to showcase your particular strengths, accomplishments, and character. His essay revision suggestions were extremely insightful and effective, pinpointing specific changes that could be made which drastically improved the quality of my essays from ordinary to eye-catching. On top of that, H&C really goes above and beyond to thoroughly share all of his wisdom about the college application with his clients, demonstrating that they are truly invested in seeing them succeed. I would without a doubt highly recommend H&C to any college applicant looking to craft the best application possible.”

Princeton student

“I am a Junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Yale University, and Lukas Corey is one of the reasons I can say that. What made Lukas such an effective mentor for me was that he was able to keep me on track despite my business and forgetfulness, eventually seeing me through to acceptances at seven of the twelve institutions I applied to — including my dream schools of Yale, and CalTech. When I had every excuse to offer my parents and myself why I hadn’t been working on college apps, Lukas was there to remind me of my goals and deadlines. Firm, but not overbearing; compassionate, but not lenient; inspirational, but not grandiose; Lukas was always able to strike the perfect balance to guide me towards achieving my full potential. And that’s just what he was able to do with my schedule.

Where Lukas really shone as my mentor and advisor, was in translating raw, passionate, excited “word vomit” into concise and eloquent essays that showed colleges who I really was. Using nothing more than the suggestion tool on Google Docs, Lukas would show me how my essays could be sculpted and refined (and sometimes scrapped altogether). He showed me how every single word was a tool to answer the prompt and helped me cut through the fluff so I could focus on showing myself off. He worked with me to honor my voice in my writing while elevating it to something that stood out from the crowd. Lukas taught me to be a better writer. He was such an amazing mentor and friend that when my sister started her applications last summer, my parents hired him again to help out!

Lukas can’t magically make anyone the perfect college applicant, but he will show every student he works with how they can make colleges see them as he sees them: a boundless source of potential that any college would be lucky to have. I know because he showed me.”

Yale student

“I’m currently a third-year Cornell Engineering student. During my senior year of high school, I definitely struggled quite a bit with writing college application essays, but my counselor was very supportive throughout the entire process. We met multiple times a week over Skype, and he offered constructive criticism ranging from specific word choices to general essay ideas to discussions about crafting a scene to make an emotional impact. He also shared his own college application essays with me to use as reference material, even asking college friends for permission to share their essays as well.

These past few years at Cornell have allowed me to grow and mature at astonishing rates as I continue to meet and maintain friendships with incredible people. I applied to many top universities, but my Cornell essay easily outshined the rest. Cornell’s response reflected that. Without a doubt, Cornell was the right choice for me, and my counselor’s encouragement, writing guidance, outside perspective, and consistent feedback played an instrumental role in my acceptance to the university.”

Cornell student

“Because I began working with my coach during my junior summer, we spent nearly all of our time churning out essays and then continually revising them. He was a phenomenal resource to bounce ideas off of, revise my writing overpowering my voice, and was just a great person to talk to during the stressful college application process. He is also very structured in his approach to the process as a whole – setting soft deadlines very early on and always planning ahead.”

Dartmouth College

“The Master Counselor I worked with provided dozens of comments and suggestions on every one of my drafts to make my essay more insightful. It made my personal voice a lot stronger and improved my writing quality overall. I’d highly recommend him as an advisor for his amazing help that also helped me understand the college admissions process as a whole better.”
Private counseling student.

“I cannot say enough good things about Pierre and his team. My son (current sophomore) is a good student and well-rounded as far extra-curriculars go, but he wanted to engage more in service and he was having a difficult time finding a path where he could be fully-immersed and really do something meaninful, rather than just volunteering here and there randomly with school. To put another way, he really wanted to create something, but just didn’t know how to go about it.

The beautiful thing about Pierre is that he has provided guidance (directly to my son, so I don’t ever have to be the nag) on how to focus his ideas into something concrete and how to make it come into fruition, while never overstepping.

Every part of this project is 100% my son’s, and it is something he is so excited about. He wrote the mission statement, he created the website, he’s reached out to make the necessary contacts, but without Pierre’s guidance, he wouldn’t have known where to even start. His project is in the early stages but it is taking off and he absolutely lights up when talking about it. That is the biggest benefit for him…being able to give life to his idea.

For me, I am loving being able to bounce off questions to Ian and Pierre–when should he take the SATs for the first time, do you recommend a particular test prep, what should we do if he wants to double up on languages, for example. I am extremely thankful to have found them and would recommend them to anyone. All kids come at this differently and are in different places, and Pierre and his team of counselors meet them where they are and give them the tools to make themselves into the best kids they can be.”​

Parent of a ninth-grader.
“Navigating the college application process as a first-generation student felt like going down a winding road filled with uncertainty. But with Pierre and his counselors, they helped ease my transition from high school to college by taking the guesswork out of the application process and also helped me determine the right school for my individual needs. Because of the amazing guidance and support I received, I am happy to say that I will be attending my dream college this upcoming fall, the University of Southern California!.”

University of Southern California

“Working with Pierre and his team has been a wonderful experience for my daughter! They have helped my daughter foster her passion and focus it into a project that she enjoys. They have also helped me as a parent through my daughter’s transition to high school and reassure me about future plans for her.”
Parent of a ninth-grader.
“H&C Education’s consultants helped demystify the graduate school application process for us as parents, and their interactions with our son provided him with invaluable assurances along the way. We would certainly recommend H&C Education.”
Parent of a graduate school applicant accepted to Georgia Tech.
“Lukas is a kind and patient mentor who always puts the goals of his students first. There were countless times when I needed advice on college application essays and Lukas sent useful feedback very quickly, even when he had numerous students to help. He made the typically stressful college application process exciting and thought-provoking instead. After working with Lukas, I have become a better writer and thinker, and I cannot thank him enough for all the help he has given me, both as an applicant and a student.”

Washington University

“They say ‘it takes a village’ and Pierre and his team have been a part of ours. They have been a source of amazing support, not only for my son’s academic and extracurricular endeavors but also at an emotional level. Navigating high school can be difficult and the guidance provided to my son by H&C has been invaluable.”
Parent of a tenth-grader.
“We are parents of twins who applied to colleges last year and worked on their applications using H&C Education. Both received multiple acceptances and got into places of their choice (Tulane University and University of Illinois at Chicago). They worked with Adrianne. Our youngest daughter is a senior and is now applying to college. The reason we decided to return to H&C Education for her (she is working with Alyssa) is that we were very happy with them and had success last year. The experience was very productive and pleasant. H&C’s strength for us was in college search and in the essay writing. The very many details of the application process can be daunting. H&C made it much easier. The work was organized and well-planned. Our children applied to many schools (I think 10 each), but H&C staff made the pace of the work manageable. H&C education provided excellent service. We highly recommend them.”
Parents of students accepted to Tulane and UIUC
“H&C was a big help for me in constructing my entire application. During my brainstorming for my Common Application essay, I started heading down a path that would not have made for a great essay. With my consultant’s help, I was able to come up with ideas that gave more meaning to my essay, painted a better picture of who I am as a person, and made for an essay that I’m proud to have written and sent to numerous universities. I am definitely happy that I had the opportunity to work with H&C, and I would certainly recommend to anyone that they do themselves the service of having one of their consultants help them with their applications so they can let their full potential shine through to their prospective colleges and universities.”
Student accepted to Clemson