Los Angeles College Admission Consultants

The role of college counselors and admissions consulting in LA

H&C Education is a leading Los Angeles college admissions consulting firm founded by Ivy League Ph.D. graduates. Our college consultants work with each of our clients in the Los Angeles and greater California area to create a unique roadmap for success in high school and beyond. Our individualized programs are designed to help students harness their entrepreneurial spirit, develop coherent academic and extracurricular profiles in line with their passions, and stand out on their college applications.

Why Choose Us as Ivy League Admission Consultants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city full of stars and a city full of opportunities — and you’ve got lots of choices when it comes to education. Students from Harvard-Westlake, Marymount, and Brentwood secure spots at top schools every year. Why couldn’t that be you? That’s where we come in.

Unlocking the doors to top-tier universities requires more than just academic prowess; it demands strategic planning, personalized guidance, and a comprehensive understanding of the college admissions landscape. Our premium Los Angeles college admissions consulting services are designed to empower high school students on their journey to academic success, offering a tailored approach that goes beyond standardized advice.

Our Los Angeles college admissions consultants know that you have a unique set of experiences to showcase, so we’re here to help you craft an application that reflects who you are. And if you’re not sure where you want to go, we’ll assist you in identifying and nurturing your passions so that you can achieve your fullest potential. Whether you’re finishing up middle school or finally writing your college essay, we’re here with you every step of the way.

LA is the international capital of impactful storytelling, and you can follow in famous filmmakers’ footsteps by crafting your own story of success. From refining your extracurricular profile to brainstorming for your University of California PIQs, we’ll offer you hands-on guidance for making sure you’re doing everything possible to make yourself shine as bright as the Hollywood stars.

Los angeles College Admission Consulting Services

8th-11th Grade:
High School Roadmaps

Whether you’re an 8th grader or a junior in high school, benefit from year-round, personalized support and counseling from our leading college admissions consultants.


We help seniors present themselves in their best possible light on every part of their college applications.

School Admissions

Work one-on-one with a specialist who will help you strategize, organize and apply to graduate school.


Our tutors will work with you to develop a customized academic and test prep plan.

H&C Incubator

Our fast-paced program for students who want to get great ideas off the ground in a short period of time.







Best Los Angeles College Admissions Consulting

Whether you’re aiming for one of the UCs, shooting for USC, have a dream school far away, we’re here to help you narrow down your options and pick a school that is best for you. Invest in your future with our premium college admissions consulting services in Los Angeles. 

As a team of all Ivy League-graduated college consultants, we are eager to share our knowledge with our Los Angeles students and families and help you achieve your dreams. Even if you’re not sure what the next step in the process may be, we’ll create a long-term roadmap to help you identify and cultivate your passions, imagine future educational opportunities, and more.

Our consultants stay abreast of the latest trends and admission criteria for top universities, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the competitive landscape. We assist in course selection, standardized test preparation, and extracurricular activity planning, creating a roadmap for success tailored to each student’s goals. We also offer our LA students services such as detailed essay review, test prep, guidance for interviews, and more.

Let our LA college consultants guide you on the path to academic excellence and help you achieve your aspirations. We know you have the potential — we’re here to help you realize it too.