8th-11th Graders

High School Roadmaps

Students who choose our High School Roadmaps receive year-round support and guidance, beginning as early as seventh or eighth grade, or whenever they come to us.  We ensure that they identify their deepest academic and extracurricular interests early and develop them in impressive ways.  We provide entrepreneurial and leadership coaching to help students achieve their goals and make a difference beyond the classroom.  We draw-up testing schedules to make sure students stay on track, and advise on high school course selection, summer activities, and internships, and help with writing tasks such as grant and award applications.

Athletic Recruiting

Recruiting is a once in a lifetime opportunity for high school athletes to play the sport they love at a high level, while receiving a quality education. Our specialist, a former track and field captain at Yale, ensures that the process goes smoothly. For each student, he establishes a comprehensive roadmap for navigating important tasks and meeting all deadlines, advises on communicating with coaches, and develops strategies to maximize  student-athletes’ college recruiting exposure, and their chances of admission to schools that best fit both their academic and athletic goals.

One-On-One Hourly Consultations

Want help with just one specific aspect of your high school career or college applications?  Benefit from our guidance on an hourly basis.

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*Results are based on students whom H&C Education worked with in a comprehensive fashion before and during the formation of H&C Education. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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