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The ACT is the most popular college admissions exam, and with the introduction of superscores, it may be your best shot at improving your overall scores and getting into your dream college. As of September 2020, the ACT, which consists of four sections, is allowing students to retake individual sections — so there’s never been a better time to pursue online ACT test prep.

Whether you’re taking the ACT for the first time or need to bring up an individual ACT section, H&C Education will formulate a tailored study plan with your student. ACT online classes offer the advantage of learning-from-anywhere, according to your student’s schedule. With a shift to remote learning, students are now expected to learn more independently. Make sure to not overlook ACT online classes as a solution. The best online ACT prep services are fully customizable to your student’s needs — work with one of the country’s top ACT experts to help bring up their scores now.

H&C Education ACT Prep - individualized learning

The best ACT tutor is one who knows the curriculum of the exam — what’s covered on the English, Math, Reading, and Science sections — and who has years of experience teaching classes and one-on-one students.

H&C Educational Consulting works with the leading SAT experts in the country. Don’t leave your SAT scores to chance — your scores reflect your preparation and knowledge of the exam, and you can improve dramatically in just weeks

ACT tutoring can increase not only your child’s test scores and list of target schools, but also their ability to handle stress, recall information, and demonstrate competence in a wide range of subjects.