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H&C Education
Premier College admissions consulting

Looking for private college admissions counseling? H&C Education is a premier college admissions consultancy focused on helping your student stand out in the college application process. Our insights on education and leadership have been featured by Forbes, U.S. News, CNN, The Washington Post, Reader's Digest, ABC News, NBC News and elsewhere.

College Admissions CONSULTING

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Choosing to work with a college admissions consultant can be one of the best decisions you can make for your child's future. The college admissions process is getting increasingly competitive and can be very challenging to navigate. At H&C Education, we help our students highlight their strengths, develop new leadership skills, and showcase their passions in order to succeed. When you choose to work with one of our expert college admissions consultants, you’re choosing to work with a dedicated team of professionals whose goal is to help your student shine in the selective undergraduate and transfer admissions process.


Wherever you and your student are in the process, the experts at H&C Education can support you. We offer programs for students starting as young as the 8th grade, all the way to those entering their senior year of high school. Our college consultants will work with you to craft a tailored program for your student to realize their dreams. College counseling can assist students in more areas than simply selecting which college they will attend; it can help shape a career, setting students on a path that continues long after their college acceptances.

H&C Education offers a variety of different college consulting services to help each student achieve their goals. Our
High School Roadmap program is designed for students from the 8th grade through junior year of high school and begins preparing students for the college application process as soon as they start working with one of our consultants. Students that are a part of our roadmap program will develop a clear timeline with specific milestones.

College Application program is structured to advise students who are preparing for or are already in the process of applying to colleges within the upcoming year. We help the student with everything from school identification and selection, essay ideation and editing, waitlist and deferral strategy, and everything in between.

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High School Roadmaps and Long-Term College Counseling Services

Our twelve-month package for seventh through eleventh grade students focuses on:

Entrepreneurship and leadership coaching