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Online SAT Tutoring

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private SAT tutoring

With brick-and-mortar tutoring centers closing across the country, and your family’s safety top of mind, you may be wondering whether online SAT test prep is the right choice for you. Taking SAT online classes is the most effective way to increase your scores while making a plan to apply and attend a top college. What sets the H&C Education approach apart is our dedicated attention to each student — your student will get our dedicated test prep expert’s one-on-one attention, according to your time zone and availability. This means you get a customized test prep plan instead of a large SAT class with a variety of proficiency levels. Whether you are including SAT test prep as part of a holistic college admissions consulting plan, or need to focus on the test alone, H&C Education offers the best online SAT prep services, with a constant emphasis on prepping for the SAT as it is, no matter how much the situation changes. Selective colleges still view top SAT scores as a differentiating factor, whether formally required or not. Go to your testing center prepared.

H&C Education SAT Prep - Work With our experts

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Finding the right SAT tutors can be a daunting task — or as the SAT might put it, a formidable, disconcerting, and ominous one — even in the best of times.


For college-bound students in the classes of 2021 and 2022, the question of whether to pursue SAT tutoring is top of mind. In fact, it’s never been a better time to work with an SAT tutor. There are weekly SAT administrations, instead of the usual every-other-month schedule, so it’s important to find the top SAT tutors to help you implement a study plan.

H&C Educational Consulting works with the leading SAT experts in the country. Charly Kuecks, the dedicated test-prep expert, has worked on both the curriculum development side at Shmoop and has been an instructor for prestigious SAT summer camps, one-on-one consulting, and on-demand SAT tutoring. Her top scores on the PSAT and the SAT earned her a National Merit Scholarship and full college tuition, and she’s passionate about unlocking the College Board’s secrets for your child. Don’t leave your SAT scores to chance — your scores reflect your preparation and knowledge of the exam, and you can improve dramatically in just weeks.


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