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H&C INcubator Program


We help students create impactful projects.

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This online program is built for middle school and high school students who want to launch great projects. The incubator program is structured around the different phases of venture creation and is informed by our college admissions consultants’ experiences as entrepreneurs, mentors, and leaders. This is a fast-paced program for students who want to get great ideas off the ground in a short period of time.


During the incubator, you’ll get to work one-on-one via video conference with Pierre or one of our leadership specialists. Pierre is a leading college and graduate admissions expert and a successful entrepreneur and mentor. He has launched several successful for-profit and non-profit companies. In 2015, he started and managed his own real estate investment company. As the founding president of the Yale Student Business Society, he has mentored many students with dreams of starting their own companies. You’ll complete written work with one of our writing specialists with a strong background in storytelling and editorial work.


Who should apply:

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Motivated students excited to learn new things and create impactful projects in their communities and beyond.

Students interested in becoming leaders.

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years old



It's all about getting started

This program is goal oriented. We’ll set clear goals and milestones after each meeting. By the end of the program, you should be ready to launch your personal project!

In this program, we’ll help you:

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and test your idea.

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Draft an impactful essay on your project that you can submit or publish online.

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Create your own personal website to showcase your project.

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​Create an impressive LinkedIn profile to improve your brand and expand your network.


Not your typical after school program

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The H&C Incubator program isn't like school. We’ll help you solve real-world problems in ways that benefit your community.

1st Month: Ideation & Conception
We'll help you brainstorm, conceptualize, research your market, and find the best angle to position yourself.

2nd Month: Establishing & Promoting
The second month is dedicated to crafting your brand and getting ready to promote your project. We'll help you launch your own website, draft an impressive essay, and create your LinkedIn profile.