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In Response to the Recent College Admissions Scandal


Yesterday afternoon, when Pierre, Marc-André and I received an announcement to the Yale community about “a criminal investigation involving an admissions scheme,” we’d already seen the headlines.

William “Rick” Singer, founder of The Edge College & Career Network, repeatedly accepted giant sums of money (which he laundered through a fake charity) in exchange for helping students cheat on standardized tests and in online high school programs, and for bribing college athletic coaches and administrators.

This man claimed to be a college consultant, but he conducted his business like a mob boss. He cheated many colleges. He did his own students a great disservice. Worst of all by far, he robbed exceptionally deserving students of a spot at schools like Yale, Stanford, and Georgetown.

As my partner, and our CEO, Pierre Huguet told CNN earlier today, we do not work this way.

My team and I are immensely proud of our students’ achievements. We are here to guide and encourage their hard work, whether in academics, extracurriculars, or the athletic recruiting process. We do not look for shortcuts and loopholes. On the contrary, we embolden our students to go beyond what is expected.

We at H&C hope our colleagues from across the U.S., and the world, will join us in asserting our ethical standards, and our values of fairness, responsibility, and transparency in the work that we do as college consultants.

On behalf of H&C Education,

Ian Curtis, cofounder

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