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Ivy League College Admissions Trends in 2022

Recently, applicants to all of the eight Ivy League schools found out whether they were accepted, waitlisted, or rejected. Now that most of them have released their admissions data, we can deduce some trends in elite college admissions that will be helpful for students and families applying in the future

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How to Get Off the College Waitlist or Deal with Deferral

In 2021, college waitlists were longer than ever. And since many accepted students deferred admission due to COVID-19 and virtual learning, many colleges experienced a significant drop in their yield rates. The yield rate is the percent of accepted students who choose to enroll at a particular institution, and admissions

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How to Write a Letter of Continued Interest

Deferred from your dream college? You now have the chance to write a letter of continued interest to improve your chances of admission.    Your hard work and proven leadership have placed you in an elite position. You may not have been offered admission in the early action/decision round of

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How to Get Off the Waitlist

What are my chances of getting in off the waitlist? Waitlist acceptance rates at top colleges usually range between 2 and 5%. These figures depend on the school you’re applying to, and ultimately, on how high that school’s yield is in a given application cycle (how many accepted students accept

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