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When and How Should You Start Writing Your College Essay?

In our experience, students who struggle with the college essay often fall into two categories. In the first group are students who approach their essays as if they were writing a resume, trying to pack in every accomplishment they can claim since childhood. Let’s call them “listers.” The second kind

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How to Choose High School Classes

Many of the questions we’re frequently asked concern course selection in high school. “Are some classes more impressive than others?” “How do I choose between class A and class B, given that I can’t take both?” Here are some thoughts to help families plan for next year. Graduation requirements and

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College Planning Timeline for High School Students

For tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of seniors applying to college this year, the admissions process will be one of the most grueling and stressful experiences they’ve had in their lives. If you’re a student or a parent of a student who’s just starting high school, however, we’ve got good

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Forbes – How To Get Into Top Colleges: Create Your Student Brand

This article was originally published on Last year’s admissions cycle produced the lowest acceptance rates in history at Ivy League schools and at most other elite colleges in the nation. Harvard’s acceptance rate for the class of 2023 was 4.5%; Princeton admitted 5.8% and Columbia 5.1% of their applicants;

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